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Our Services

Welding and Fabrication

Specialized welding and fabrication services e.g arc welding, pipe welding, underwater welding and general welding and fabrication jobs are easy for our team of highly skilled welders.

Pipeline Design and Construction

Concrete-coated pipes, concrete-plastic-coated pipes and all types of oil pipelines are designed ad implemented by us. we have actually designed pipes for some of the world top oil companies.


Need highest quality machines and/or parts, then we are your best bet. with our unbeatable track record in procurement, we have built a strong relationship with producers and distributors to the best quality products and we can give you the most competitive prices.

Valve Control Systems

With our wide range or control systems to select from, valve control is a walk in the park. manual valve control, automated valve control and hybrid systems are all part of our specialty. so be rest assured that we can deliver.


Valve automation, control system automations and all kind of automation systems in the oil sector is a breeze to our team of highly skilled control experts. so with us, your control systems is guaranteed.

Pipe laying

We install pipeline, with our many available machines and wide knowledge or terains around the world we are sure to install pipes that will last a lifetime.

Rig maintenance services

With over 27years of rig maintenance experience, work out rigs, slow yielding rigs or even completely dilapidated rigs are things of the past. even rig face-lift is undertaken by us.

Design and implementation of oil-spillage prevention systems

We design, maintain and implement oil-spillage prevention systems and also Contingency plans and systems both for land and sea. Thus enhancing Disaster Recovery.

General Industrial Maintenance Services

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