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H Williams Engineering & Construction

Established in 1987, H WILLIAMS E & C has kept to its original high standard and strict policy of "Do it Perfectly or not at all". we have kept a track record of very low accident and few near-misses. and we parade ourselves with highly skilled and professional workers, providing a safe and motivating environment to work. feel free to surf our web pages and see the amazing services we have to offer. And be rest assured that you are going to get the best and nothing less... You're welcome to H WILLIAMS E & C.

Our mission

To become one of the foremost players in the oil service industry and build a firm to reckon with.

Our Values

Provide A-list services to our clients. provide highest quality in the most safe environment for our workers to grow.

What we do

Since the beginning of our operations in 1987 H WILLIAMS E & C has always been a construction and engineering inclined company that undertakes both onshore and offshore jobs in the best way standard has to offer. We more than efficiently handle the following...

Our Clients

Over the last thirty(30) years, H Williams Engineering & Construction have done many incredibly awesome jobs for both National and International bodies in both the public and the private sector. Listed bellow are just a few of our highly esteemed clients.

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